The Advance the Kingdom (ATK) offering is a personal commitment you make to God to give a certain amount of money over a specified period of time for the purpose of Global Rescue. The commitment is made after you have sought God’s will for the amount He wants you to give, either individually or as a family. The ATK includes a plan on how funds will be distributed, as well as the offering itself. It is used in its entirety toward the fulfillment of the plan outlined in the ROC.

Below is a list of projects that the ATK is funding this year.


Dream Center We are endeavoring to acquire or rent a building and launch more RESCUING operations through that center. $85,000
(GVT) Grove View Terrace Food Distribution Monthly, we distribute food to dozens of elderly and widows at the Grove View Terrace housing project. $7,000
Operation Inasmuch Feeding hundreds per month and RESCUING them from their current circumstances, Inasmuch touches our Fayetteville homeless population like nobody else. $5,000
Reaching International Students RIS gives us the opportunity to show the love of Christ in a practical, “no strings attached” way with international students that come to our area. We do so by introducing them to families from Manna Church and the Fayetteville community. $1,200
RUSH RUSH is Manna Church’s campus ministry.
Fully-active and engaged on dozens of
campuses, they seek to RESCUE students
from darkness and help them build Godly
Servolution Projects The projects fall into every RESCUE category.
We do RESCUING from suffering, slavery,
and RESCUE unto salvation.
Servolution Week Each year we have a week of outreaches, inviting people to join us at our Easter Experiences. In 2012, more than 200 people were RESCUED from darkness when they accepted Christ for the first time! $23,000
Sherri Arnold Graham Foundation Reverend Graham and her team RESCUE people from literal death by providing free mammograms to those who cannot afford them. $1,000
Sparrow Sparrow aims to RESCUE slaves from their oppression by bolstering Law Enforcement and providing necessary intelligence to those who can prosecute the perpetrators. $10,000
Fighting Human Trafficking In our own backyard of Fayetteville, there is a need for RESCUING people from slavery. These funds will go toward putting them into safe houses and helping them receive crisis counseling. $10,000
theExperience (Scholarships) theExperience is Manna’s internship program.
The goal is to help students build faith, character,
and leadership skills.
TOTAL $200,200


Marion Graham Marion continues working with churches around
the world, building prayer networks and creating
a drive in people to take over their spiritual
Helping Hands – Tony Haywood Tony ships goods all around the globe, helping
in war-torn areas and RESCUING refugees.
Love in Action – Bill Ramsey Bill reaches out to those working in the seedier areas of our community, helping to RESCUE them from their suffering and showing them they have worth in this life and in eternity. $5,000
Multi-Site MManna Church will continue planting multi-
site campuses all over North Carolina and
beyond. We will obey the Lord in our mandate
to RESCUE people from darkness and bring
them into the light.
Baltimore Church Plant – Donnie Hatcher Along with our multi-site planting effort, we will
continue sending trained families, like the Hatchers,
all over the country planting churches with a
RESCUE plan for the areas on their heart.
Asterisk Initiatives Brandon Hodges will use skills he has developed over a long career to train ministry partners and organizations in security and planning $2,000
TOTAL $115,000


Africa/ Phillippines – Bobby Martz Bobby and Ronda Martz continue to follow God’s leading by conducting healing crusades in Africa and the Phillippines, RESCUING people from suffering and from darkness. $5,000
China Training Centers -SCI We partner to train 1,000 Chinese church
leaders every year. They, then, go out and
RESCUE people from oppression and sin.
Bhutan – Susan Gaffney Susan continues chipping away at the spiritual walls that the Bhutanese people have built around their country with a vision of seeing revival and the truth of the RESCUING power of the Gospel revealed. $5,000
Brazil – Awan Chattarpal Awan is planting churches and training leaders at the Brazil Training Center. The students then go into the most remote regions of Brazil preaching RESCUE. $5,000
Charis – Doug Hume Doug partners with churches in Thailand to do Evangelistic Medical Clinics, seeing thousands being RESCUED from sin every year! $6,000
China/S. Korea – Simon Suh The RESCUE work Simon is doing is classified. $5,000
Costa Rica – Osvaldo Carrillo Osvaldo is the apostolic leader for a host of churches all over Central and South America. He and the church he pastors plant many churches all throughout Costa Rica. $5,000
Colombia – Don Rasmussen Much like Osvaldo, Don oversees many churches and continues to train leaders all around the globe. $2,500
Cuba – Christine Travieso Christine aims to bring the Gospel to the country of Cuba through musical ministry and evangelism. She wants to RESCUE the Cubans from suffering and sin. $5,000
Colombia – Don Rasmussen Much like Osvaldo, Don oversees many
churches and continues to train leaders
all around the globe.
Frontline Missions – Alan Winter Frontline strives to bring RESCUE to every place where a door is opened to them. In particular, Alan has been integral to the training center in Brazil. $6,000
Guatemala – David Sgro The Sgro family is bringing RESCUE to thousands of Mayans every month. They feed, preach, and show them the love of God in practical ways–every single day. $3,000
Nepali Rescue Project We are working in cooperation with Ramesh and KI Nepal to rescue girls both from human trafficking and from an eternity of darkness.
*From “Coins for Children.”
RUN Ministries – Eric Watt RUN has been working to establish the Kingdom of God all around the globe for years, RESCUING people from sin, slavery, and suffering. They network to train thousands of people in preaching the Gospel and planting churches, every single year. $15,000
Sri Lanka – Yoganathan Pastor K has set up a training center in the country of Sri Lanka. They have planted hundreds of churches and have seen thousands of people RESCUED from sin. $10,000
SWI – Kevin Turner Kevin and his team only go where there is war or persecution. With a unique view and vision on RESCUING people from suffering, he continues to train and RESCUE people all over the globe. $5,000
TAL Missions TAL goes where it is too dark and too difficult for the rest of us to go RESCUE. Many will hear the truth of the Gospel as a result of their innovative plan $10,000
Venezuela – Vincent Guilarte Vincent is pastoring and training people in Venezuela, RESCUING people from suffering and sin by preaching the Gospel. $5,000
TOTAL $104,500
GRAND TOTAL $499,200